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      ABS9 trampoline automatic assembly equipment

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      he equipment is the automatic cutting process of ABS9 spring washer.

      1. Detailed information

      Equipment Introduction

      1. The equipment is the automatic cutting process of ABS9 spring washer. The material is evenly distributed together with the material for the strip material. It automatically cuts the stamping die through the feeder, automatically cuts off the stamping die and collects the waste, and then automatically clips the finished product and then assemble it into the rotor.

      2. It realizes automatic feeding, automatic correction of position, uniform delivery of feeders into multi-level stamping die, counting and judging whether material is stuck. The waste material is transported through the feed path to the waste cutter site for cutting and collecting. The operator can easily take the material at any time to check the size and quality of the production process to strictly control the production process, and achieve the automatic generation of automatic feed completion terminal, so as to achieve efficient and stable production.  

      3. Feeding structure: using high precision feeder for conveying, multi-stage stamping die.

      4. The Schunk precision clamping cylinder is used for clamping and punching the finished spring mattress, and the product is automatically placed on the assembly spindle and then loaded into the rotor.