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    • Industrial 4.0 -intelligent brake motor rotor assembly line

      1.This project is an industrial 4.0 key project aimed at improving the intelligent level of the manufacturing industry and establishing a smart factory with adaptability, resource efficiency and human engineering. We have the honor to participate in this project on the rotor line project design. We have put forward a high standard from the structure to the software, and I believe there will be a ..

    • Rotormask automatic up-down and milling equipment

      ?1.Short and long masks are assemblied seperately, to ensure precise assembly. The automotive assembly increases efficiency. 2.The equipment could meet four kinds of rotors, easy to replace and opera..

    • ARS5 automatic production lines

      1. The lifting parts lift the WPC off the transfer line, then the robot grips the product, the sun gear testing machine would test gear of the product. 2. If test passed, robot would put the product back on the WPC and transferred to next station, if failed, put on the waste line. 3. The marking station: lifting parts lift the WPC off the transfer line, then lift the product off the WPC, b..

    • The NSA - M2 worm assembly equipment

      1. Operator put the raw materials (worm and ball) on the feeding system, the equipment would punch the rotor axis, locate and assembly the worm and ball, and transferred to next station. 2. This equipment meet many kinds of rotors (worm assembly), which requires high compatibility. Jialin makes it easy to assembly different kinds of rotor only to replace fixtures.

    • Silicon steel sheet and axial riveting equipment

      1. This is an automatic equipment, only manual feeding. 2. There are 36 feeding tubes to supply silicon steel, if less than 6 tubes of silicon steel, the warning system would alarm operator to add silicon steel. 3. When the left silicon steel of one tube could not meet one product, the next tube will make it up. 4. Using PLC and touchscreen to automatically operate, including monitoring and war..

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